Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Studies have proven that overall photovoltaic system production yield losses between 10 and 30%, depending on the severity of dirtiness. It is recommended to utilize and maintain a quarterly or bi-annual cleaning plan to ensure your solar invest yields maximum production all year round.

Low roof pitch preventing proper drainage of soil off the panel glass, bird droppings, pollen, vehicle emissions, leaves, tree needles (resin), moss, algae, lichens, lime deposits just to name a few.

Most definitely.  Production loss can vary but can yield up to 30%. This only means your solar investment is generating 30% electricity, and therefore overall annual savings can be significantly reduced without some maintenance plan.

It can be done, but typically isn’t recommended for safety and warranty reasons. Our experience, understanding of manufacturers recommended maintenance requirements and use of industry leading cleaning tools exclusively made for solar panel cleaning ensure that no damage will occur to the panel’s glass surface. In addition, we use demineralized water, and never any chemical detergents, which leave a residue-free result.

There are many opinions on the magic number, but depending on the location of the system, exposure to common soiling agents, and desired optimum production to gain the most out of your solar investment, a minimum of once a year will suffice, however, cleaning twice or more a year may increase yields even more.

Nothing! We don’t charge for Quotes on our Solar Panel Cleaning Services in Houston, TX and the surrounding areas. Give us a call or email us today to schedule an appointment. We’ll meet you at your property and review the best options for your specific system.


Residential Solar Panel Cleaning

Did you know dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings, and grime can significantly reduce your overall solar production? Keep your valuable Solar Investment working properly and looking great. 

Our crews are trained to properly clean all Commercial Solar Panels. We can handle the cleaning of any large scale PV system at retail, commercial and/or industrial properties.

Due to PV ground mounts systems being closer to the ground than residential or commercial PV systems, degradation to solar production due to increased exposure to dirt and grime can significantly reduce your overall production. We can schedule One-Time or Routine cleanings to keep your ground mount system working at its peak performance.

Are you noticing some modules are out, or think animals may have created a home under your panels? We can check for you and add a critter barrier to prevent this in the future.

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