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Professional Solar Panel Cleaning & Maintenance

TX Solar Cleaning Solutions is a Solar Panel Cleaning company serving Houston, TX and the surrounding communities. We’re a team of highly dedicated solar specialists who offer a professional solution for cleaning and maintaining residential, commercial and rural solar power and photovoltaic systems using only professional cleaning methods at an affordable price. We are proud to serve Houston and the surrounding areas. Give us a call or request a quote for a free at-home assessment.

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Did you know dirt, dust, smog, bird droppings, and grime can significantly reduce your overall solar production? Keep your valuable Solar Investment working properly and looking great. 

Our crews are trained to properly clean all Commercial Solar Panels. We can handle the cleaning of any large scale PV system at retail, commercial and/or industrial properties.

Due to PV ground mounts systems being closer to the ground than residential or commercial PV systems, degradation to solar production due to increased exposure to dirt and grime can significantly reduce your overall production. We can schedule One-Time or Routine cleanings to keep your ground mount system working at its peak performance.

Are you noticing some modules are out, or think animals may have created a home under your panels? We can check for you and add a critter barrier to prevent this in the future.

Highly Trained Specialists

Trust us to protect your Solar Panel investment.

We use only deionized reverse osmosis filtered water and specialized industry leading solar cleaning equipment to achieve a spot free cleaning with brilliant results! We’re Solar Experts, so we know how to make sure that your investment is properly cleaned and maintained. 

Optimize your Solar Panel's Production

A clean Solar Panel insures that your system is running at it’s peak performance. Routine cleaning is recommended.

Centrally Located in Houston, TX

We serve homeowners, retail and commercial properties in Houston, TX as well as the surrounding towns.  

Clear Pricing

Free At Home Assessment

We come to your home or commercial property and properly access the condition of your panels. We can then tailor a one-time or recurring cleaning schedule to make sure your system is working at 100%.

Serving Houston, TX and the surrounding area.
Call Us to Schedule: (346) 522-5671

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